Open Library Data as a stepping stone to tomorrow’s Library


The fifth edition of Apps For Ghent focused on open library data. The hackaton invited people to think about how tomorrow’s library can still be relevant in a world where information is perceived as being just a swipe away. But what can you expect from a hackaton? Do the results exceed some concepts for apps? We believe so. It triggers a creative process, it aligns forces from different backgrounds and creates opportunities to define the building blocks of a library that has it’s rightfull place in a community. Following extensive evaluation sessions with the key players in the Ghent Library (Nathalie De Neve  and Katrien Van Goidsenhoven) it seemed we needed to share the insights, so Thimo Thoeye (Datamanager, City of Ghent), Koen Mestdag (Business Analyst, Digipolis Gent) and myself wrote a paper about this project.

Open Library: From lending to sharing

This paper, ‘Open Library: From Lending to Sharing’ connects the dots between the open government challenges, the community engagement and the data-manipulations necessary to ensure anonimised data, but still relevant enough to extract meaningfull information and fuel the fresh concepts on tomorrow’s library.   Enjoy the read. Link to the paper: